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Adelaide PC Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance

PC Computer Repairs Adelaide
Computer Geeks Australia is experienced at repairing all major brands and types of PC, including desktops, laptops and tablets. We offer Adelaide onsite computer repairs, as well as a free pick up and delivery service and loan laptops on the rare occasions when we can’t provide a same day solution.

Whether you need a home computer repair technician for your laptops, or repairs and servicing for the PC computers in your office or business, call Computer Geeks Australia and we will be there to provide you with expert help 7 days a week with no call out fee.

No matter what sort of PC problem or issue you’re confronted with, from an unresponsive programme to a complete system crash, our Adelaide computer repair technicians are equipped to tackle it and to provide effective, affordable solutions:
  • PC laptop or desktop slow to perform operations or respond
  • Failure to open or load Windows
  • Frozen screens and blue screen messages problems with starting, restarting or shutting down your PC laptop or desktop
  • Touchpad or mouse not responding
  • Water or liquid damage to your desktop or laptop
  • Problems with Android or PC tablet charge port
  • Virus and malware removal on PC desktop or laptop computer
  • Recovering data and lost files on your PC
  • Repair and replacement of keyboard and logic board for all types of PC computer and laptop
  • PC hard drive and external hard drive repair and replacement
  • Internet and wifi connectivity issues on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Problems with setting up or connecting to email
  • Difficulty in connecting to a printer or network

If you are finding that your desktop or laptop computer is not responsive or enough, or can’t perform all of the operations that you need, it likely means that you need a system upgrade. We can upgrade your PC system so that you have more RAM available, meaning faster performance and enhanced storage. In some cases, we might also recommend the reinstallation of your Windows operating system in order to restore your PC’s performance. We can also update your PC anti-virus programmes and software.

Likewise, if you need more room to store files and media on your PC, we can replace your hard drive disk (HDD) with a larger one that meets your needs more effectively. A new HDD will also improve performance on your desktop or laptop, give it a longer life, and will also help to avoid system crashes that can lead to data loss.

If you use your PC home computer for gaming, we can also upgrade the video and/or sound card to give you better graphics and more performance stability, or upgrade the hardware on your PC so that it better meets your gaming needs.

In addition to Adelaide computer repairs and upgrades, we can provide regular and ongoing maintenance checks to ensure that your home or office PC is works efficiently, preventing system failure and costly downtime for you and your business. We only use PC genuine parts, and our technicians are equipped to work on and repair any device from all the major PC desktop, laptop and tablet brands, including:

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