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Adelaide Computer Security and Cyber Security

Cyber Security Experts Adelaide
Protecting your business and personal data systems against threats has never been more important. Computer Geeks Australia provides a comprehensive range of cyber security and computer security services designed to protect your operations and equipment from an ever growing number of potential cyber attacks.

Adelaide Cyber Security and Digital Security Services

Our comprehensive range of IT security services and products are designed to protect you against threats to your cyber security both now and into the future.

There are new challenges to security evolving all the time, and as so many businesses are reliant on digital technology for all aspects of their operations, it is crucial to keep on top of them. Cyber security, however, is about more than just anti-virus protection — you need to protect your wi-fi networks, LAN, WAN, VLAN and other personal area networks against cyber threats as well.

At Computer Geeks Australia, we design and implement information security systems to minimise your business’ vulnerability to all types of cyber threats. We also work in partnership with you to maintain high levels of protection going forward, ensuring that you have appropriate protections in place as and when new cyber threat intelligence emerges.

Our range of cyber security services includes:
  • Industry leading firewall systems to protect confidential data against cyber threats
  • Secure on-site private cloud and public cloud solutions
  • Data protection, backup systems, disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud-based, business grade anti-virus protection systems
  • Protection against cyber attack for all business devices
  • Free computer security training for your team

How do we deal with cyber security threats?

The first stage of our Adelaide cyber security services involves a detailed analysis of the potential threats your business may face. This is important because a one-size-fits-all approach to digital security does not work — instead, cyber security solutions need to be tailored to meet your specific business and operational needs.

Computer Geeks Australia will undertake an audit of your existing cyber protection set-up, including all of the hardware, software, devices and users on your networks and systems. We then identify superfluous or outdated hardware or software that may be creating potential vulnerabilities.

We then use the threat intelligence we gain to devise appropriate systems and tools, as well as ensuring that any operational processes that you have in place are providing adequate levels of security.

Following this, we then continue to work in partnership with you to manage and maintain your cyber security going forward into the future. This includes regular reviews of your computer security protocols in the light of new cybersecurity threats, as well as the implementation of emerging technology that will help you to maintain the highest possible levels of information security.

As your business grows and expands, we can continue to work in partnership with you to ensure that your cyber security services have developed in line wth your operations, and are continuing to meet your digital security needs.

Adelaide Cyber Security Experts Computer Geeks Australia

Our highly trained and qualified team of cyber security specialists is here to support your business and ensure that you can operate with confidence and peace of mind at all times. Our cyber security services include:
  • Reviewing your organisation’s behaviours and protocols in line with industry best practice
  • Deploying security policies
  • Installing and maintaining anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • Implementing firewall systems
  • Training staff to be aware of a range of cyber security threats

In addition, should any threats to your cyber security be detected, we are committed to providing a rapid response, and working to ensure that you can remain operational as far as possible in the face of cyber threats. Cloud supported firewall system can generate daily reports about the cyber attacks and threats that organisations can face every day.

Keys to preventing cyber threats

As one of the most popular and well-known cyber security companies in Adelaide, we provide customised solutions that are designed and implemented to meet your very specific IT security needs.

This includes a range of prevention strategies designed to minimise the potential harm of cyber threats, such as:
  • Application controls to prevent unauthorised installation of apps
  • Patch applications, to minimise the risks posed by unpatched software
  • Configuring macro settings to prevent unauthorised code from being run
  • Configuring web browsers to remove unnecessary or redundant features
  • Deploying security policies to prevent access to unauthorised or potentially harmful websites
  • Deploy an Access Deny policy for all unwanted incoming network traffic to the organisation
  • Advanced packet inspection system
  • Web and email traffic control, and much more

Computer Geeks Australia has successfully implemented cyber security solutions for the Australian aviation and health industries.

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