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Adelaide Data Recovery

Emergency Data Recovery Adelaide
Data loss can be a serious business no matter what that data is. It may be important business or financial information, addresses and contacts, letters or documents, or it might be cherished photographs and images. Regardless of what is lost, losing your data creates worry, stress and a great deal of frustration.

However, while it may seem at first glance that you’ve lost your important data for ever, we are almost always able to retrieve, recover and restore what you thought may have disappeared for good.

At Computer Geeks Australia, we are able to recover lost data from PCs, laptop and desktop computers, as well as external hard drives, RAID arrays, digital media and memory cards, USB flash drives and other forms of storage device.

What causes computer data loss?

There are a number of reasons as to why data and information on your laptop or desktop PC may be lost and needs to be recovered.

It might simply be that you have accidentally deleted a file, or deleted it and then realised you still need it. Files can also be lost if you shut down your PC incorrectly or there is a power outage. Other more complex causes of a data loss might be that your Windows operating system has crashed, and the file or directory structures become damaged or corrupted, or any number of other reasons why you need data recovery.

What’s important is that, once you discover that your data is lost or you are unable to recover it, you shut down your machine and get in touch with us as quickly as possible. The sooner we are able to address your data loss, the more likely it is that we will be able to recover and restore your lost files.

So if you have deleted data accidentally or in error, have lost or corrupted files, or suffered a hardware or software failure that means you can no longer retrieve important files or media, get in touch with Computer Geeks Australia without delay—the sooner you act, the more data we can save.

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